Star of Week

Friday 7th February 2020

This week our stars are….

In Ash class ‘Ash Class’ for practicing hard to pull off a fantastic performance! I am so proud of you all.

In Oak class ‘Oak Class’ for an amazing performance during our assembly, you really shine guys!!

In Chestnut class Dylan for being enthusiastic and demonstrating a positive attitude towards your work. You have produced so much fantastic work this term!

In Birch class Francine for her positivity and attitude towards everything she does – and always with a smile!

In Willow class Olivia for being such a sweetheart and a joy to teach.

In Beech class is Jamie for being a ray of sunshine in the classroom, an enthusiastic learner, a lively listener and constantly contributing to class discussion! Stay amazing! 

In Rowan class Violet for working hard on her maths, showing effort and resilience every day.

In Lime class Jacob for having a fantastic attitude to all aspects of learning and for being more engaged in class discussions including showing us your witty side!

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