Star of the Week

Friday 1st July

This week our stars are….

In Ash class   Rhu for good behaviour and good attitude.

In Oak class    Rosie for continuing to set high standards and work hard every day.

In Chestnut class  Tyler for having a great attitude to learning this week and trying his best to not get distracted.

In Birch class    Maddie for improved behaviour, hard work, being super helpful and continuing to love books!

In Willow class  Logan for always making thoughtful contributions to class discussions.

In Beech class  Mollie for being helpful and kind and having a great attitude for learning.

In Rowan class Scarlett for your fantastic emotive writing and always showing role model behaviours.

In Lime class    Oliver for being such a super star this week. You have come so far, and I am beyond proud of you.

Star of the Week

Friday 27th May 

This week our stars are…. 

In Ash class    Evalyn for excellent writing this week. 

In Oak class     Lily for always being kind and thoughtful towards others. 

In Chestnut class   Ivy for being an amazing role model and always contributing to class discussions. 

In Birch class    Lottie for showing good behaviour in learning and trying hard with her work. 

In Willow class   Oscar T for trying hard in lessons and being enthusiastic and helpful in class. 

In Beech class   Freya for amazing artwork and great attitude to her learning. 

In Rowan class    Ffion for always being kind, super manners and working her socks off. 

In Lime class    Elia for being a great role model and a joy to teach. 

Star of the Week

Friday 20th May

This week our stars are….

In Ash class    Max for blowing Mr Hall’s socks off with fantastic handwriting.

In Oak class     Layla for being really creative in Art and having an excellent attitude.

In Chestnut class   Ava D for getting 100% in a quiz.

In Birch class    Mason for improved behaviour and focus during lessons.

In Willow class   Ellie-Mai for being so hardworking in every lesson, being brilliant in our Forest Schools game this week and for just being you! You are so helpful and so thoughtful Ellie, thank you.

In Beech class   Lilly for being a positive, hardworking, and funny member of Beech Class.

In Rowan class    All of Rowan Class for making me a very proud teacher!! Each and every one of you are absolute SUPERSTARS and have made my final year at Hallam Fields amazing! Thank you all! Miss McCreery

In Lime class    Ava May for always trying her best, always showing the right behaviour, and for always being awesome.

Star of the Week

Friday 13th May 

This week our stars are…. 

In Ash class    Isaac P for showing kindness, respect and trying his best in all subjects this week. 

In Oak class     Lucia for being awesome, amazing and resilient. 

In Chestnut class   Isla for being a star and always doing the right thing. 

In Birch class   Maddie for improved behaviour and attitude in lessons. 

In Willow class   Alex for an excellent attitude to his independent writing this week.   

In Beech class   Mollie F for being a ray of sunshine around school and amazing effort in Swimming. 

In Rowan class    Thomas for engaging well in afternoon lessons. 

In Lime class     The Whole of the Lime Class for being great during SATs. 

Star of the Week

Friday 6th May

This week our stars are….

In Ash class    Kianna for enthusiasm in all her lessons.

In Oak class    Aoife for superb resilience.

In Chestnut class   Isaac L for being a great friend and being fantastic in lessons.

In Birch class   Holly-Rose for working hard in all lessons and showing great behaviour.

In Willow class    Ted for working really hard in lessons and also in groups with his TA.

In Beech class   Tyler for being focused and putting his hand up more in lessons.

In Rowan class    Josie for really pushing herself in lessons and working hard at home.

In Lime class     Lilly  for being a joy to teach and putting lots of effort in.

Star of the Week

Friday 29th April

This week our stars are….

In Ash class    Ava W for working well in all lessons.

In Oak class     Ayden for all of your hard work in every lesson this week, you are a fabulous role model for others well done!

In Chestnut class   Jake for having an excellent attitude to his work.

In Birch class   Cara for being very optimistic and trying hard with your learning.

In Willow class    Lacey for being confident in lessons and proving she can do anything if she puts her mind to it.

In Beech class   Isobel for amazing effort which has led to fantastic progress especially in maths and reading.

In Rowan class   Francine for having a positive attitude to learning and always encouraging others.

In Lime class     Isla for showing resilience and determination when things were tricky.

Star of the Week

Friday 25th March

This week our stars are….

In Ash class    Victoria for being an all-round superstar with her independent writing, working with money and her caring and kind attitude to others.

In Oak class   Soraiya for being fantastic in phonics and writing.

In Chestnut class   Penny for really impressive resilience and not falling at the first hurdle.

In Birch class   Delilah for being a fantastic role model and trying hard.

In Willow class    Ellie-Mai for being kind, helpful and always striving to achieve her best. You are a ray of sunshine.

In Beech class   Riley for improved attitude and reflecting on learning to be better.

In Rowan class    Wesley for being a superstar this week. You have worked so hard and been very wise in your choices.

In Lime class     Finlay W for making huge improvements in your behaviour. We are SO PROUD of you!

Star of the Week

Friday 18th March

This week our stars are….

In Ash class Lucas for working hard and trying his best.

In Oak class     Theodore C for an incredible week, working so hard in every lesson and always smiling!

In Chestnut class   George for being incredibly mature and always getting on with his work.

In Birch class   Oliver J for being consistent and working hard.

In Willow class    Myla for being thoughtful, enthusiastic, and hard working.

In Beech class   Harrison for being focused, determined and supporting his classmates. 

In Rowan class    Finley D for always working incredibly hard (despite it being challenging) and pushing yourself. Keep up your great work!

In Lime class     Hetty for always being so lovely to others and a joy to be around.

Star of the Week

Friday 11th March

This week our stars are….

In Ash class  Alaya for being kind and resilient.

In Oak class   Alexander for always being the perfect student in every way and a lovely member of Oak class.

In Chestnut class   Logan for really pushing himself in all aspects of his work this week! 

In Birch class   Adelaide for being a fantastic role model and trying hard in everything she does.

In Willow class    Scarlett for always working hard and presenting her work beautifully.

In Beech class    Seb for brilliant engagement in our science lesson, and a continued commitment to saving the planet.

In Rowan class    Amelia for always being a ray of sunshine every day, showing outstanding behaviour all of the time, working incredibly hard and just being a MODEL PUPIL! – You are a superstar Amelia – thank you!

In Lime class      Emillie for always being kind, always being fair and for always brightening our day. 

Star of the Week

Friday 4th March

This week our stars are….

In Ash class Alaya for just being an all-round superstar and working extremely hard.

In Oak class Tommy for beautiful manners, a wonderful work ethic and for ALWAYS doing your best!

In Chestnut class   Alfie for amazing improvement in the presentation of his maths work.

In Birch class Miah for having such a positive start to the new term and trying so hard in everything she has done. 

In Willow class Dakota for always being kind, helpful and completing all of her work to a high standard.

In Beech class   Ruby for having a great week, being focused, kind and enthusiastic in all areas.

In Rowan class    Riley for engaging well in lessons and a great attitude to learning.

In Lime class Mia for making great progress across all areas of the curriculum and being a pleasure to teach.