Star of the Week

Friday 8th November 2019

This week our stars are….

In Ash Class Oscar for trying really hard with everything – especially with the tricky maths you have done this week.

In Oak Class Arthur for showing enthusiasm and great resilience in all his learning this week.

In Chestnut class Cian for showing great focus in your work. Even when others try to distract you.

In Birch class Amiee for throwing yourself into everything you have done this week! You have been awesome!

In Willow class Mackenzie for making huge improvements in writing and maths.

In Beech class Aimee for outstanding friendship, kindness and support this week – thank you.

In Rowan class Mason for an outstanding performance representing the school at table tennis.

In Lime class Charlee for outstanding effort and achievement in all lessons this week.

Star of the Week

Friday 25th October 2019

This week our stars are….

In Ash Class is Ash Class for settling in so well during such a tricky transition.

In Oak Class Evie for her excitement for all things maths and fabulous “Yay” attitude to learning – keep it up sunshine!

In Chestnut class Gruff for using your creativity to produce fantastic writing, and showing resilience in your work! Keep it up!!

In Birch class Elia for showing resilience and putting a huge effort into improving how she approaches her times tables.

In Willow class Alfie for showing independence and resilience.

In Beech class Alfie for really showing Miss Birch how kind, caring and helpful you are.

In Rowan class Tristan for excellent progress in Maths this week – keep up the great work.

In Lime class Callum for working hard and showing excellent resilience in Maths this week.

Star of the Week

Friday 18th October 2019

This week our stars are….

In Ash Class Harrison for effort both at school and home. Keep it up!

In Oak Class Ocean for fantastic written work and excellent presentation – well done!

In Chestnut class Lacie for showing a fantastic attitude towards her learning and always being honest with yourself to improve your learning.

In Birch class Jude for a fantastic attitude to his lessons ALL week, your contributions in whole class discussions are always outstanding and you have wanted to improve all week!

In Willow class Archie for just being generally amazing ALL the time!

In Beech class Shey for focused learning and continually being an excellent class role model.

In Lime class Olivia and Jessica for wonderful attitudes to Year 6, trying your hardest even when it is tough and giving everything a go.

Star of the Week

Friday 11th October 2019

This week our stars are….

In Ash Class Leah for being an absolute superstar and creative Rainbow Grammar sentences. Well done! 

In Oak Class Isaac for being an absolute superstar all the time in every lesson no matter what the task – keep it up you’re awesome!

In Chestnut class Eve-Frances for taking pride in all of the work that you produce and having a fantastic work ethic!

In Birch class Hayden for settling into life in Birch Class with a huge amount of confidence and seriously impressing me with your work ethic!

In Willow class Ruby-Mae for ALWAYS being ready to learn and ALWAYS putting in 110% effort into EVERYTHING!

In Beech class Mia for her amazing mathematical genius.

In Rowan class Charlie for working well independently to achieve his potential – the sky is the limit now, Charlie!

In Lime class Oliver for trying your hardest and showing great enthusiasm to all aspects of school, including after school clubs.

Star of the Week

Friday 27th September 2019

This week our stars are….

In Ash Class India for perseverance with the 2 x table and fantastic effort with writing.

In Oak Class William for lighting up the room with his excellent exchanging in Maths, awesome!

In Chestnut class Finley for improving your handwriting immensely.

In Birch class Joshua for always quietly getting on with your work, you continue to surprise and exceed your expectations of yourself as well being extremely polite!

In Willow class Christian for your fantastic change in attitude towards contributing in class. It has been great to see your confidence grow and we love hearing from you. Keep it up!

In Beech class Summer for a great week of hard work, careful attention to detail and outstanding behaviour.

In Rowan class Oliver for always working hard, whilst being thoughtful and kind and enthusiastic about everything. What a star!

In Lime class Olivia for excellent effort to improve your knowledge and skills both in school and at home.

Star of the Week

Friday 20th September 2019

This week our stars are….

In Ash Class Ila for always trying hard – particularly with our hankies!

In Oak Class Lilly for always doing her very best with a smile and working particularly hard and with enthusiasm in maths.

In Chestnut class Ava May for working extremely hard all week, pushing herself in class, and having outstanding behaviour.

In Birch class Josie for amazing classroom contributions, you are always willing to support your peers and 100% effort is consistently put into your work.

In Willow class Grace for the infectious passion you demonstrated in your school council presentation. We are absolutely blown away! Just phenomenal!!

In Beech class Katy for an outstanding contribution to the school council elections. WOW!

In Rowan class Millie for always trying, always smiling and always aiming high.

In Lime class Seren for your imaginative drama during Forest School, fantastic writing in literacy and perfect manners and behaviour.

Star of the Week

Friday 13th September 2019

This week our stars are….

In Ash Class Thomas for fantastic rainbow grammar sentences and a general positive attitude!

In Oak Class Jayden for trying his best – even when the going got tough and working hard in all subjects 

In Chestnut class Scarlett for being an excellent role model and working really hard all week.

In Birch class Rylan for an outstanding week, you have shown me a huge ‘spark’ which I am excited about!

In Willow class Archie for your superb enthusiasm and excellent contributions in everything this week. You are such a breath of fresh air! What a star!

In Beech class Jude for an outstanding week of effort. It just had to be you this week – you have been so hard working and shown amazing behaviour – thank you.

In Rowan class Jack for always being kind, polite and a delight to teach. You brighten up my day with your sense of humour too.

In Lime class Greg for being such a polite, hard-working, enthusiastic and helpful boy. You are a true star!