Star of the Week

Friday 15th October

This week our stars are….

In Ash class   Zoey for hard work this week and being a good role model.

In Oak class     Alice for always doing your best and working super hard on your writing this week.

In Chestnut class   Emily-Rose for always giving 100% in all that she does with amazing presentation throughout. Your work always looks great.

In Birch class   Alexei for fantastic contributions in class this week.

In Willow class      Zac for aiming high in everything he does and always being ready to learn. You are a superstar Zac!

In Beech class    Libby for her amazing effort in all lessons and groups.

In Rowan class     Brooke for always trying hard in lessons, building your confidence in swimming and being so caring. Thank you.

In Lime class     Zach for rising to the challenges of Year 6. You’re really working hard. Well done!

Star of the Week

Friday 8th October 

This week our stars are…. 

In Ash class   Hunter for great enthusiasm in learning all week.   

In Oak class     Lydia for brilliant attitude to work since September and working hard. 

In Chestnut class   Emmy for giving a wonderful attitude to learning and not falling at the first hurdle. 

In Birch class   Freddie for brilliant expression and actions when performing your poem. 

In Willow class      Ruby-Leigh for always giving 100% and being an excellent role model. 

In Beech class    Cooper for an excellent attitude to learning. 

In Rowan class     Eve for being a superstar, always listening, trying her hardest and being caring to others. 

In Lime class     Lexi for being an all-round superstar and trying her hardest. 

Star of the Week

Friday 1st October 2021

This week our stars are….

In Ash class     Connie L for her enthusiasm towards learning!

In Oak class     Aoife for your lovely approach to school life, always smiling and trying your best – thank you sunshine!

In Chestnut class   Oscar for being an absolute star and persevering when things do get a little tricky.

In Birch class    Denley for fantastic behaviour, in both the classroom and the playground, and for trying hard with your learning.

In Willow class      Oscar FB for using lots of great vocabulary in his character description.

In Beech class    India for her amazing effort in all lessons. Especially when generating ideas for our writing.

In Rowan class     Finley A for putting 100% effort into your work, especially in your maths. Well done!

In Lime class     Jack for always trying hard, always giving 110% and being an AMAZING role model.

Star of the Week

Friday 27th September 2021

This week our stars are….

In Ash class      Harry for believing in himself more each day!

In Oak class     Ollie for being a wonderful friend to others, showing kindness and including everyone.

In Chestnut class  Lola for giving 100% in all the work she does, with a super smile on her face.

In Birch class    Nicole for being a brilliant listener and learner all of the time!

In Willow class     Jayden for always trying his best and showing more confidence in his decision making.

In Beech class   Leo for putting amazing effort into all of school life. His attitude and determination in maths and literacy has been a pleasure to see.

In Rowan class     Joshua for being resilient and incredibly brave during swimming this week and always working hard. I am so proud of you!

In Lime class     Gruff for huge improvements in behaviour and concentration.

Star of the Week

Friday 17th September 2021

This week our stars are….

In Ash class      Stanley Ho for always trying his best and being a good example!

In Oak class     Lucia for being a little superstar every day, working hard, always smiling and settling in really well.

In Chestnut class   Robyn for showing amazing resilience in all aspects of her work – even when it is tough!

In Birch class    Leyton for being super helpful and contributing well to class discussions.

In Willow class      Tilly for using an impressive vocabulary in Literacy and Book Talk.

In Beech class    Lilly for having a growth mindset and never giving up. She has set a great example for all the class.

In Rowan class     Jaden for taking everything in his stride, always trying his best and showing beautiful manners.

In Lime class     Robson for making a brilliant start to year 6 and being a super role model.

Star of the Week

Friday 25th June 2021

This week our stars are….

In Ash class Vincent for great work in maths and showing more confidence in himself!

In Oak class Oliver W for a much improved attitude to learning.

In Chestnut class Isaac for using a wide range of vocabulary, always putting his hand up and giving good answers showing his incredible knowledge.

In Birch class Lilli A for being a star through and through by showing amazing behaviour and trying hard with all of her learning. 

In Willow class Enzo for making me smile every day. You are a joy to teach.

In Beech class Wesley for a big improvement in his behaviour and for working hard on the formal method for multiplication. 

In Rowan class Riley B for being kind, helpful and trying to be positive about all that he does.

In Lime class Lewis for always being a super star, being kind, polite, hard-working and making excellent progress in class.

Star of the Week

Friday 18th June 2021

This week our stars are….

In Ash class Kai for challenging himself in maths and being a good role model for others.

In Oak class Oscar B for settling into Oak Class this week and working hard in all lessons. 

In Chestnut class Jayden for being brilliant and quietly getting on with his work without any fuss.

In Birch class India for showing bravery with the times table check and explaining clearly about your feelings this week.

In Willow class Clayton for settling in so well, working so hard and just being a joy to teach.

In Beech class Robson for always being kind, caring and having a positive attitude to learning.

In Rowan class Ella-Rose for aiming high in everything she does and being the best that she can be.

In Lime class Noah for excellent effort in school and for always trying to do the right thing.

Star of the Week

Friday 11th June 2021

This week our stars are….

In Ash class Jake for working hard and having good manners.

In Oak class Matilda for wonderful writing this week and super missing number equations in maths. 

In Chestnut class Myla for beautifully presented work.

In Birch class Tilly for fantastic behaviour all of the time and for brilliant analysis of our new class poem. 

In Willow class Erica for being a superstar role model on Viking Day.

In Beech class George Q for helping out at Forest Schools, showing great leadership skills at our Viking Day and for having a good week.

In Rowan class Olivia for aiming high in her work and beautiful presentation.

In Lime class Connor for excellent behaviour.

Star of the Week

Friday 28th May 2021

This week our stars are….

In Ash class Ava for her enthusiasm in writing a story.

In Oak class are the whole of Oak class for an amazing week working hard on our times-tables and winning a tournament – YAY!

In Chestnut class Cooper for listening beautifully, working incredibly hard and being a fantastic learner this week.

In Birch class Mollie for fantastic bench ball skills.

In Willow class Annis for putting so much effort into you work. You always give 1,000,000% in everything you do. You make me soooooo proud. 

In Beech class Hayden for improved attitude and effort in class.

In Rowan class Deakon for presenting topic work about Victorian crime in a creative and imaginative way

In Lime class Archie for being a super star every day and a pleasure to teach.

Star of the Week

Friday 14th May 2021

This week our stars are….

In Ash class Holly-Rose for writing an amazing introduction to her disaster story in Literacy and being a positive role model for others.

In Oak class George K for sharing knowledge and enthusiasm during class discussions across all subjects.

In Chestnut class Isaac P for a great attitude towards learning and embracing our World War 2 topic.

In Birch class Oscar F-B for trying really hard, especially with writing this week.

In Willow class Logan for being incredibly kind and helpful.

In Beech class Ben for having an amazing week, working hard and being a good friend.

In Rowan class Sophia for making huge effort in all she does and being a pleasure to teach.

In Lime class Katy P for being an absolute superstar in all that you do!  You are kind, polite and hard-working – never doubt that you are nothing short of amazing!