Star of the Week

Friday 11 September 2020

This week our stars are….

In Ash class Freddie for showing a super attitude to learning all of the time.

In Oak class Alexei for going over and above every day and persevering when it was tricky.

In Chestnut class Ruby-Leigh for being very polite and considerate and using great vocabulary.

In Birch class Ted for having an excellent attitude and bringing his leadership skills to his group.

In Willow class Erica for being a kind, caring and supportive friend.

In Beech class Francine for joining in with everything this week and being so kind and helpful.

In Rowan class Jude for having an excellent attitude in class, working hard, listening – a great start to Year 6.

In Lime class Noah for joining in with everything this week and letting us get to know your bubbly personality.

Star of the Week

Friday 13th March 2020

This week our stars are….

In Ash class Isabel for working really hard and wanting to share answers!

In Oak class Zac for wonderful work all week – great vocabulary in your writing and fab fractions too!

In Chestnut class Scarlett for being an absolute superstar, and always giving 100%. You are a pleasure to teach 

In Birch class Ava for her positive attitude and enthusiasm across the curriculum

In Willow class River for being a champion of others.

In Beech class Charlie for being an outstanding role model, good friend and all round class superstar! Beech for exemplary behaviour on the trip to magna.

In Rowan class Luke for consistently working hard during lessons and producing outstanding art work over lunchtimes – what a star!

In Lime class Blake and Ethan for your incredible enthusiasm and engagement with the TTR tournament.

Star of the Week

Friday 6th March 2020

This week our stars are….

In Ash class Lilly for showing enthusiasm for learning – particularly reading.

In Oak class Jack for shining in every subject and working hard too on your beautiful handwriting 

In Chestnut class Charlie for having a go at everything we throw at you and being extremely resilient.

In Birch class Joshua for his effort and achievements in his work – well done!

In Willow class Scarlett for being an absolute pleasure to teach.

In Beech class Jude for always challenging himself in his learning, being an outstanding friend and a true Beech Seed!

In Rowan class Cole for always thinking of others, being a team player and an all-round great guy!

In Lime class Lloyd for a FANTASTIC week! You’ve been helpful, brilliantly behaved and I’ve not seen you put that revision book down! Great attitude!

Star of the Week

Friday 28th February 2020

This week our stars are….

In Ash class Logan for massively improved handwriting and trying hard during our topic lessons.

In Oak class Lily for being helpful and having a great attitude towards learning.

In Chestnut class Alana for always getting involved in classroom discussions, always trying your best and being a great role model for other children.

In Birch class George for his enthusiasm and interest towards our work about Environmental Issues.

In Willow class Heidi for always having a great attitude towards learning.

In Beech class is Summer for consistently trying her best in all she does and trying to reach the stars! You make me proud!

In Rowan class Emmy for being a supportive friend and a kind and helpful member of the class.

In Lime class Katie for your fantastic effort and progress made in Maths this week.

Star of the Week

Friday 14th February 2020

This week our stars are….

In Ash class Charlie W for increased motivation and effort with reading – it is fantastic to see the progress you are making!

In Oak class Amelia for always being a little ray of positive sunshine in the classroom – You are conscientious, hard-working and polite and an excellent role model for all.

In Chestnut class Enzo for working extremely hard to improve your handwriting.

In Birch class Elia for her effort and perseverance in mastering telling the time in Maths. Well done.

In Willow class James for a huge improvement in behaviour and attitude to learning.

In Beech class is Mia for being quietly confident, always trying her best at all she does and persevering with everything she does!

In Rowan class Haddon for excellent attitude and effort during assessment week – you CAN do it!

In Lime class Adam for your fantastic effort during assessments this week – you have made excellent progress!

Star of Week

Friday 7th February 2020

This week our stars are….

In Ash class ‘Ash Class’ for practicing hard to pull off a fantastic performance! I am so proud of you all.

In Oak class ‘Oak Class’ for an amazing performance during our assembly, you really shine guys!!

In Chestnut class Dylan for being enthusiastic and demonstrating a positive attitude towards your work. You have produced so much fantastic work this term!

In Birch class Francine for her positivity and attitude towards everything she does – and always with a smile!

In Willow class Olivia for being such a sweetheart and a joy to teach.

In Beech class is Jamie for being a ray of sunshine in the classroom, an enthusiastic learner, a lively listener and constantly contributing to class discussion! Stay amazing! 

In Rowan class Violet for working hard on her maths, showing effort and resilience every day.

In Lime class Jacob for having a fantastic attitude to all aspects of learning and for being more engaged in class discussions including showing us your witty side!

Star of the Week

Friday 31st January 2020

This week our stars are….

In Ash class Mollie for always making the right choices and working hard!

In Oak class Myla for learning her tables and practicing at home A LOT and doing extra homework too – well done.

In Chestnut class Isla for being a model pupil, working extremely hard and blowing me away with the volume of work you produce.

In Birch class Hayden for his positive behaviour and attitude towards his work all week.

In Willow class Deakon for showing great resilience and overcoming a tricky time.

In Beech class is Harry for an all-round amazing star! An outstanding role model, fabulous friend, worthy worker and laudable learner! You are fabulous.

In Rowan class Amy for excellent performance in PE lessons and for your consistently outstanding behaviour and manners.

In Lime class Isabelle for your conscientious attitude this week (and every week). You are a marvel!

Star of the Week

Friday 27th January 2020

This week our stars are….

In Ash class Ila for making incredible progress this year with her grammar and handwriting.

In Oak class Nicola for fabulous literacy this week, working really hard with your writing and SPAG!

In Chestnut class Annis for being resilient in your times tables and confidently sharing your answers with the class! I am very proud! 

In Birch class Jude for persevering with his work when he found it tricky and maintaining such a positive attitude all week.

In Willow class Matthew for having a ‘can-do’ attitude. We are so proud of you!

In Beech class is ‘Beech Class’ for amazing behaviour at the swimming baths! Well done! 

In Rowan class Harvey for aiming high with his writing this week by being focused and listening well – keep it up!

In Lime class Owen for showing an excellent drive for learning across all subjects – you are making outstanding progress.

Star of the Week

Friday 20th January 2020

This week our stars are….

In Ash class Mollie for putting maximum effort into everything you ever do – believe in yourself, you can do it.

In Oak class Harry for a consistently positive outlook and giving your very best in every single thing you do!

In Chestnut class Brooke for applying your (newly learned) skills to all subjects and pushing yourself in your learning – you have worked so hard this term 

In Birch class Emillie for her enthusiasm and achievement across the curriculum.

In Willow class Christian for growing in confidence and always brightening mu day (Weetabix!)

In Beech class Katie H for setting up the classroom on a daily basis for her peers and being a ray of sunshine!

In Rowan class Holly for aiming high in Maths and working extremely hard all week (and every week!)

In Lime class Alfie for excellent effort and enthusiasm in writing and Maths this week.

Star of the Week

Friday 10th January 2020

This week our stars are….

In Ash class Harry for showing perseverance during a tricky week 

In Oak class Ivy for your kindness and thoughtful deeds, it really makes a difference and we appreciate it – thank you 

In Chestnut class Thomas for consistently trying to improve your work. It is definitely working as your last piece of writing was FABULOUS!

In Birch class Rylan for his positive attitude, excellent behaviour and being such a great help to Mrs Russell.

In Willow class Riley for being the sunshine in the classroom.

In Beech class Lucy for her innovative writing about War of the Worlds.

In Rowan class Teigan for writing lots of fantastic stories with infectious enthusiasm – we can’t wait to read your first published novel.

In Lime class Brody for excellent effort with your handwriting and in Maths this week. You are making excellent progress… keep it up.